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The Cool Way of Looking at Life


It’s time to see the world clearly, with a dazzle-free, glare-free coolness that never goes out of style.

Since 1942, when the brand was established as a joint venture with American Optical, Cool-Ray has reflected just

one thing – the belief that sunglasses aren’t only about how you see the world.

They’re also about how the world sees you.

Cool-Ray’s very first collection of super-stylish sunglasses transformed clunky, functional eye protection into a must-have fashion accessory and cultural icon.

With their fashionable frames and high-quality Polaroid lenses, Cool-Ray sunglasses captured the joyful spirit of the fabulous fifties and sixties, and all the iconic celebs of the era were soon sporting the latest Cool-Ray styles.

Today, Cool-Ray presents a modern take on this classic vision.

Cool-Ray’s timeless top designs with Polaroid lenses let you really see the world in full, true color – free from glare and distortion.

It’s time for you to discover the cool way of looking at life.

Our Values:


Polaroid lenses. Excellent materials. Exceptional innovation.

This quality translates into a unique collection of sunglasses with unbeatable, eye-catching fashion.

Timeless Style

An extraordinary combination of chic and sophisticated everyday looks, with a variety of iconic designs that have been influencing fashion and culture for decades.

Our longstanding vision is to create distinctive, classic designs that rapidly become leading trends.


Cool-Ray lets you see the world we live in as it truly is, clear and sharp, through unique anti-glare polaroid lenses.


We aim to give you the best of both worlds, with first-class style and top quality combining to offer you a cool new perspective that perfectly suits your daily routine.